About Me

I'm Vincent a french IT-student in Paris. But in the internet, people know me as "Green" or "GreenP"

I had Tow projects in the IT domain:

  • 2011 | Closed - Grenntouch: my first IT project on news for apple devices with @Brioche
  • 2014 | Closed - AGT DREAM: It was not only IT but an IT branch was lead by me and @Brioche
  • 2016 | Available - NitroGroup: a server rental company, but it's not his main role, it's our project group. this project exist because a great guy had this idea thanks @Sirius
  • 2017 | Closed- Makers of Infinite: an IT development company, But it's a closed project because my colleagues in this group leave me alone.
  • 2018 | Available- NuxArch: a project for show my prjects and my IT services with my prices

Now about NuxArch:

We will start with the research part. I did not want to have a name to have a name, but an idea.

Because an idea is the test of everything. So we have "Nux" which means "night" or "complex".

"Arch" is a structure but has a common meaning with the word "Ark" (in French) and same for the word "archer".

And "arch refers to" Archimedes "the Scientific.

Client Testimonials

  • You have worked so much to ultimately succeed in meeting my expectations, as well as those of my viewers.


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