About Me

I'm Vincent a french IT-student in Paris. But on internet, people know me as "Green" or "GreenP"

I had some projects in IT domain:

  • 2011 | Closed - Grenntouch: my first IT project on news for apple devices with @Brioche
  • 2014 | Closed - AGT DREAM: It was not only IT but an IT branch was lead by me and @Brioche
  • 2016 | Closed - NitroGroup: a server rental company, but it's not his main role, it's our project group. this project exist because a great guy had this idea thanks @Sirius
  • 2017 | Available - : A general Media Production Compagny. They also create website & host them.
  • 2017 | Closed- Makers of Infinite: an IT development company, But it's a closed project because my colleagues in this group leave me alone.
  • 2018 | Available- NuxArch: a project for show my prjects and my IT services with my prices

Now about NuxArch:

I am 22 years old French IT student and entrepreneur, I like live video production or VOD, I work a lot in cooperation with Sirius Media Group.
I started creating sites around 8 years old, to make a big break during my studies in architecture. to finally meet Sirius, who at this time was running NitroDatacenter.
I first joined the project as a Client, then joined NitroGroup at its creation. at this moment I was drawing, I've been drawing since forever.
when Sirius offered me a hosting for a site for my drawing (a portfolio.) NDC was doing well, and when I co-founded NG it was to save the rest of NDC.
afterwards I started studying computer science, and finally specialized in computer security.
We have been hanging this time co-managed a lot of small project some of which still available now.

What about the numbers?
I booked 12 domains (6 still available)
Rent 25 Dedicated Server,
Rent 8 VPS,
Hosted +500 Client,
Hosted Heberger +150 VPS.

Why Nux Arch? We will start with the research part. I did not want to have a name to have a name, but an idea.
Because an idea is the test of everything. So we have "Nux" which means "night" or "complex".
"Arch" is a structure but has a common meaning with the word "Ark" (in French) and same for the word "archer".
And "arch refers to" Archimedes "the Scientific.

Client Testimonials

  • You've worked so much to succeed meeting my expectations and those of my viewers.


Get In Touch.

If you wants work with me, you can hire me with this part of my site. Send a Mail at Green@SiriusMediaGroup.com